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Tuition Information

The Washington Rock Dance year runs from September through June. Tuition is calculated by the number of class hours per week taken by an individual student or family. We offer a sliding scale discount to any student or family who is enrolled more than 1 hour of class per week. The amount you pay per hour decreases with the more classes you take! 


There are a total of 10 tuition installments and it is to be paid in 9 payments:

Payment #1- Upon registration the 1st and 10th installments due

Payment #2- October 1st

Payment #3- November 1st

Payment #4- December 1st

Payment #5- January 1st

Payment #6- February 1st

Payment #7- March 1st

Payment #8- April 1st

Payment #9- May 1st


Please note payments are not made for the number of classes each month, the payment is the annual tuition divided into 10 equal installments.


WRD accepts cash, check, and credit card payments. All families must have a credit card on file even if cash or check is used to make payments. Families can opt to enroll in auto-pay and their credit card on file will be charged on the 1st of each month that a payment is due. If payment is not received by the 15th of each month the card of file will be charged automatically along with a $15 late fee without prior notice. WRD families have full access to view statements at any time via the parent portal. Tuition paid is non-refundable, if a student/family would like to discontinue their enrollment they must notify us via email.

Refunds are not given for missed classes, students are encouraged to take make-up classes for any absences.


Additional Fees

  • All costume fees are $90.

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $25 per student or $45 per family will be applied to your account at registration.

  • Performance Ensembles are charged competition entry fees

  • Ballet and Modern Company are charged company production fees

  • The following is available for purchase but not required:

    • Photo Day Packages

    • Nutcracker Package

    • Recital Package

    • Tickets to performances (Nutcracker, Modern Company Show, Recital)


Fee Schedule

Due November 1st

  • Ballet and Modern Company Fees


Due January 1st

  • Competition Fees

Due February 1st

  • Recital Costume Fees

  • Competition Costume Fees

Due March 1st

  • Recital Costume Fees

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