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Competition Performance Ensembles

The Washington Rock Performance Ensembles are our competitive competition teams. We give our students the opportunity to perform at various dance competitions and conventions multiple times throughout the year. Being a member of our Performance Ensembles enables the dancers to develop at an accelerated level and enhances their ability to feel comfortable performing on stage. The ability to dance as part of an ensemble presents each dancer the fundamental skill to work within a group with an understanding that the success of one is the success of all. Our performance groups consistently place with high overall scores and receive numerous choreography, technique, and special judges awards. Performance Ensemble team members perform all genres of dance in order to become well rounded to meet the demands of the current dance performance field.


The requirements and schedule of each Performance Ensemble group varies based on age and level. The Performance Ensembles consist of the following teams:

Junior Performance Ensemble I

Junior Performance Ensemble II

Junior Performance Ensemble III

Junior Performance Ensemble IV

Senior Performance Ensemble 

Elite Performance Ensemble

Acceptance and placement onto a team is based on teacher evaluation. If you are interested in joining please email to set up an audition appointment.

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