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Classes for 2-4 year olds

Classes for 5-18 year olds

Classes for 5-18 year olds in our
pre-professional programs,
teacher evaluation required.
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About Us

Washington Rock Dance has prided themselves for years as an elite training school with award winning competition teams, Nutcracker performances, evening length dance performances, and professional level recitals. In both our recreational and pre-professional programs we aim to develop a love of dance in our students while giving them exceptional instruction by teachers who are leaders in their field.


The teachers at WRD are trained professionals from the highest levels of the dance field. All faculty members have, at minimum, undergraduate degrees in Dance performance with a majority holding masters degrees in Dance Education, Choreography, and Interdisciplinary Arts. Accolades from our staff include positions as college dance professors, commissioned choreographers, directors of dance programs in public and private elementary and secondary schools, founders of professional dance companies, national and international guest artists, and policy makers for dance education in the state of New Jersey.

Mission Statement

At Washington Rock Dance we believe in acknowledging the sincere individuality residing in each and every student. We foster the unique development of our students by providing an opportunity to be creative, understand the field of body mechanics, and discover their personal sense of artistry through the performance of high caliber works. Our developmentally focused training is dedicated to locating a student’s maximum potential while experiencing a smart, inspirational, and fun environment.

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